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SohaibOud Company for Oud, & and Perfumes was established in 2008 and registered as a commercial brand. The company operates a chain of branches in the UAE, Egypt, and Malaysia, where it is based on the idea of producing and innovating exclusive products in the market with the addition of quality and workmanship. Private and unprecedented

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We believe that the love of work is the foundation of every success and excellence and that your love for your job makes you loyalty and mastered so that it becomes the best work so that we get to the best product We look deeply at perfumes and extract the quality and aromatic perfume from the secrets so that excellence is our goal

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الادارة الرئيسية - الامارات العربية المتحدة - دبي الراس سوق مرشد ش 10 مصر - القاهرة -76 الحي السويسري ب شارع محطة الجامع مدينه نصر
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